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We have had years of experience in dealing with clients in the region. The results have provided us with the expertise we need to satisfy their debt collection needs because it has helped us fully understand the demographics of the area. Additionally, we have been able to establish several contacts from whom we can seek payment. Due to our strong network of lawyers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the area, which we have built over many years, we can do what others cannot.With offices in Dubai, Al Ain, and Abu Dhabi, we are the most trusted law firm & lawyers in UAE with a team of experienced lawyers, patent and trademark attorneys in business law, dispute resolution, and litigation, as well as employment and labor. Providing support to clients in the UAE and key, growing markets around the world.

Skip Tracing

We have access to the same database as the local police do. Thus for us to locate someone is fairly simple and quick

Forwarding to Lawyer

In case your debtor chooses to ignore our letters, the case will automatically be sent to an expert lawyer.

Bank Account Searches

We also have contacts available to conduct research on bank accounts. However, additional fees will apply.

24/7 Access To Claim

You will be able to get access to the status of your report through our online portal.

10 Day Free Demand Service

If your debtor decides to pay you within ten days, we will be charging you absolutely nothing.

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Legal Lawyer / Service

It is said that debt recovery can only be made possible with strong communication.Our Legal / lawyer services…

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