Family Lawyers in Abu Dhabi

Laws and rules which define the legal rights of a person’s personal life are called family law. Family matters such as marriage, divorce, adoption, etc. This law comprises all the dimensions of human life. It needs a lot of awareness and a clear intention to resolve it peacefully.

Our associate law firms in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and the U.A.E practice all kinds of domestic problems in the region. Being the most experienced and well professional associate law firms we are the best in legal assistance for domestic disputes. Keeping in mind the sensitivity of the matter our lawyers keep it simple for you and give the best suggestions to get your favor urgently and save your money.

Family law services in Abu Dhabi


Marriage is a social contract between a couple, in which both make a commitment to support each other and spend life together. It gives legal protection to couple their Childs and a prosperous future for them. Marriage law in U.A.E has different aspects for citizens of the U.A.E and ex-pats living in the country. Consult our marriage lawyers in Abu Dhabi who will complete all your paperwork for marriage and you can enjoy a happy life.

Divorce Lawyers

The dissolution of marriage is one of the most painful moments in one life. Divorce is legal confirmation that the couple is no more in any kind of social and religious bond. Many people experience this painful moment in their life. Especially when children are involved in the relation our associate advocates will help you to solve domestic affairs. We provide the best attorneys who have vast experience in domestic affairs. We help you to ease the complexities of divorce and end your case in a professional way.

Domestic abuse (spouse/children)

Getting out of an abusive relationship is hard. Often, we have seen women are scared and hesitate to seek aid. The most common reasons for this unwillingness to legal aid are fear for family reputation, accessibility, and language barrier. We have a solution for this all you need is to make a phone call or contact us through our web site. Our associate family lawyers in the UAE can brief you in detail your legal position and course of action. Domestic violence is a curse and anybody could be a victim of it. It’s not age or gender-specific. Everyone can seek legal solutions to domestic violence. Domestic violence with children is more painful. We take such cases with high moral and ethical responsibility.

We offer full family law services in the U.A.E, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi for marriage, divorce, domestic violence, child adoption, and mediation.