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How we Work?

When people reach out to Abudhabilawyer, they share a common predicament-they want to get the expertise that they need to ensure that their debt is collected in absolutely no time. Before contacting us, you might have searched far and wide for the right company. You might have made multiple calls to your debtors for a solution. Your emails might not have been responded to:

You might have reached the limit of your patience or in the worst case scenario absolutely lost all hope.This is where we come in to get you what you are owed.

Here is a brief insight into the three step simple process you have to follow with us to get your debt collected:

Step One

You need to call us to give us a briefing on your situation. After that, we will be in a better position to tell you whether we can pursue your case further or not. I choose not to, and I will direct you to someone in our network who is better suited for your situation.

If we ultimately decide to take your case, an expert debt collector in our team will ask you questions that will further help the case and will start reaching out to people necessary to collect the debt for you.

Step Two

We Will Then Begin By Reading Your Sales Agreement With Utmost Scrutiny. Post That, We Will Begin To Collect Information And Data Upon The Relevant Clients Including The History Of All Your Commination With Your Debtor.

Your Project Lead Will Listen To Your Detailed Side Of The Story And Review Your Contract Or Sales Agreement.


Thankfully, we have in-depth insight into the way the businesses operate. We believe this gives us the edge that we need to outclass our competitors and get you what you are due in practically no time. We also have a complete understanding of the terms of a wide range of contracts and thus can find out loopholes that others may never be able to spot.

Step Three

Next and final step would be to create a plan that will ensure that all your funds are recovered within a short period of time. We pay special attention to your privacy and thus it is present in our policy to not go public about any of the terms that we have agreed upon with you. Nor do we choose to disclose strategies that we might have planned to collect your debt for you. We understand the negative responses that we will be getting on your first call since this will not be our first encounter with them. However, you do not need to worry as we know all the ways to deal with them effectively.

Now what are you waiting for? You just have to make the first step by giving us a call. The rest will be taken care of by us.