Best Trademark Registration Service Provider in Dubai

Trade mark registration means legally registering the logo, name, symbol, stamp, badge, etc. of the company or a product. We provide you security against your revenue and illegal use of your brand by an unauthorized company.


How you protect your company or product?

If your legal and registered company is facing copyright infringement issues then our lawyers are here for you. Also, if your company is not registered although you are getting benefits from it still you need to register it for getting wider opportunities.

The firm’s trademark registration Dubai service offers expert advice to our customers about the law and protection of their brands. Our legal advisory also provides knowledge related to trademarks and how to protect your brand.


Our services

We provide professional services for trademark registration Dubai  such as:

  • We prepare the trademark application
  • We provide expert advice by our professionals and lawyers on preservation and selection of trademark
  • We successfully fight for you during the conflicts
  • Identical grants are not entertained in our firm and are canceled
  • We help you to maintain your trademark rights along with its rejuvenation cost
  • We have a proper track of any change in your records such as a change in name, phone, address or an organization

Highly Qualified Trademark Registration Advisors

We offer experienced legal advisors for the registration process that perform various functions to register your brand. For the processing of legal documentation and trademark registration Dubai, our law firm has experienced and highly qualified staff. The legal documentation may include:

  • Our lawyers are certified and licensed
  • UAE embassy permitted our Power of Attorney (POA) to function
  • Resources for proceeding in trademark registration
  • Trademark application
  • Photocopies of suggested trademark
  • Define the suggested trademark
  • Approval of higher authority on suggested trademark
  • Approval of invoice
  • Details of an authorized individual in registering trademarks

We believe in “No win no fee” Rule

Sometimes even after all efforts, your trade make is not registered. So what to do in this situation? We are very much concerned about your money and time. To overcome your loss we have a little offer for you that is “no win no fee”. By availing of this offer, you will be free from our customer charges. This is a little benefit from our Law firm in this time of difficulty.


Wrapping up

Proxy media provides an Expert Trademark Registration Consultancy for our trusted customers. Our associate attorneys provide effective research before registering your company or product.

Once you contact us for registering your trademark, there will be no need to worry about legal issues. We will take care of your concerns and come up with a positive result. Book your consultation to register earlier and to avoid copyright. For additional quires, contact our law firm.