Debt collection in UAE

Dubai debt Recovery offers a global debt collections service. We make bad debt recovery possible by the help of our global network consisting of our associate lawyers. Dubai debt recovery is serving for the past 20 years and has sorted out hundreds of financial disputes all across the world. Dubai debt Recovery works on the basis of NO Win-No Fee. When it involves resolving the financial dispute we plan to develop trust between us and the client. We understand that maintaining the relationship of trust is only found while collecting debt recovery. will only charge after making successful debt recovery from the debtor.

Why we.…?


There are numerous reasons or requirements for the recovery of international debts in the UAE. Debt recovery is totally different from the debt collection of other countries like the UK. Our expert debt collectors at our Debt collection agency case will handle the case directly in accordance with our expert associate lawyers. The principle of NO Win- No Fee before the successful debt recovery has made Dubai’s debt recovery special from the competitors who are in the business of debt recovery. Working in cooperation with the local associate lawyers has made us realize greater success rate.

What you’ll do?

Considering the type of debt we’ve developed a variety of strategies that apply everywhere on the planet.

Court debt collection settlement

after contacting us for making a debt recovery, our experts will enhance the collection process without causing harm to the creditor and debtor relation.

Debt Recovery Dubai  has 20 years of experience to its name and operates on the NO Win No Fee policy, which suggests that just in case if the agency fails to collect debt then they’re going to not charge anything from you. This same principle also assures that we’ll do our utmost to access settlement within the recovery of your debt. So your file is going to be monitored using your assigned contact person in Mauritania with the debt recovery partner in Dubai. Our associate lawyer in Dubai will regularly send you updates in your own language.