The Role of Debt Litigation and Public Prosecutors in the UAE

Debt collection is the recovery of outstanding invoices through debtor on behalf of creditors. A debt collection agency is responsible for accomplishing the process of recovering the debt.

Debt collection Dubai lawyers are willing to entertain you in recovering outstanding debts. Moreover, they also maintain your relationship with debtors while recovering.

Procedures for debt recovery 

Debt collection is carried out through two procedures.

  1. Amicable collection
  2. Judicial collection

Debt collection Potentials 

Following are benefits that are offered while collecting debt in Dubai:

  • Lawyers are familiar with Dubai’s native language
  • Their achievement rate is considerably high
  • Whether your debtor is in Sharjah, Ajman, and Abu Dhabi or in another state of Dubai our debt collection lawyers can collect money throughout the country.
  • Services are available 24/7
  • You will be given direct contact with your respective lawyer

“No win no fee” Policy

Sometimes even after all efforts, your debt is not recovered. So what to do in this situation? Debt collection agencies are very much concerned about your money and time. To overcome your loss they have a little offer for you that is “no win no fee”. By availing this offer you will be free from customs charges. This is a little benefit from debt collection Dubai agencies in this time of difficulty.

Why appoint a debt collection agency?

Dubai has a very well organized system of giving disbursements. For many years they have enhanced their credit management which makes ease for international dealers. However, some of the invoices are still unpaid due to which there is a need for a debt collection agency. Things that are not settling normally require legal procedures which saves your money and time.



Contacting a lawyer or law firm is considered to be the best way of recovering your debts. Therefore, do not waste your time convincing your rigid debtors. Hire a debt collector and hand over your concerns to them. They have the proper knowledge and approaches to collect it on your behalf.

So, contact a law firm and get the best debt collection Dubai lawyer for you.