Disputes for Breach of Contract in the UAE

The real estate market has huge importance. Due to the price-changing policies in the UAE, the number of real estate disputes has escalated to a great extent. A lot of complaints have started to appear. Moreover, the most common of them are regarding the unfair increase in the rents. It is completely against the laws in the UAE as per lawyers in Sharjah. Sometimes, the landlords file complaints against their tenants because of a breach of contract or any other dispute. What to Do in Lord-Tenant Issues? If you are a landlord and you are facing issues with your tenant. Your tenant might refuse to leave as they are skipping the rent payment. You must file an official complaint against the person. For filing the complaint in Dubai, you would have to move forward to the Rent Disputes Settlement Center. It presents at the Dubai Land Department. This center will help you in resolving the problem between you and your tenant.
  • Before Filing a Complaint
Before filing a complaint against anyone, a person should first all have a thorough look at the tenancy contract. This will help them in understanding what is already written in their contract and what’s missing. This is because a lot of times people do not read the contracts properly. Moreover, different clauses make them file the cases. If you are facing any confusion regarding your contract, you must give it a thorough read. Also, take help from lawyers in Sharjah for the best solution.
  • Complaint Filing
Having an Arabic copy of the documents would be better. However, if you don’t have your documents in the Arabic language. You ought to get the certified translation of the documents. Getting certified translation may slow down the process. After you are done with all the paperwork, you must head to the RDC. There the staff members will be at your service and help you fill out your complaint. You will have to pay the fees and you will also be asked some questions. They are regarding the dispute for formally processing the case. Final Remarks  Therefore, whenever you want to avail of these services, you can seek legal help in the UAE. Lawyers in Sharjah are the best choice in this regard. They can save both your time and energy. They provide their services in Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, and other emirates of the UAE.