Dubai Lawyers Responsibilities

Responsibilities of Lawyers in Dubai

An individual who has completed the law studies is eligible to practice law. These are the legal entities that are devoted to ensuring justice in society. Lawyers in Dubai represent clients or third-parties in court and resolve their legal concerns as per the rules and regulations of the state.

Lawyers are eligible to perform various roles depending upon clients’ requirements. They could act as a legal advisor, negotiator, advocate, and an evaluator. Along with their professional tasks, lawyers have to be proficient and conscientious in their job to deliver lawful results.

 What are the Responsibilities of Lawyers in Dubai?

UAE Federal law divides lawyers into 2 different categories which include Federal and local lawyers. Practicing lawyers, non-practicing layers, and lawyers under the training process are considered to be Federal lawyers in Dubai. Legal consultants and advocates are the local lawful entities


Individuals and the owners of large corporate organizations prefer hiring legal attorneys to resolve their matters legitimately. It is the duty of a lawyer to respond to client requests and help them in the best possible way. Responsibilities of lawyers offering legitimate services in the premises of Dubai are

  • Advise clients about their legal rights and obligations
  • Represent clients in courts in their personal and workplace matters
  • Converse with everyone involved in the case
  • Research and analyze the root cause of the problem
  • Infer legal procedures as per the case requirements
  • Present facts in the documented form and verbally in court
  • Collect legal documents and prepare them for filing

Lawyers should always legitimately use lawful procedures. The legal attorneys should maintain the honor of their profession while representing their clients in the court. Lawyers are allowed to access the required information to resolve the dispute but with court order to ensure the legitimate usage of data.