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Employment lawyers usually deal with disputes between the business and its employees. Every company has its own set of standards for its employees. Our associate lawyers handle the breach of the employment contract so that the company or business can proceed with their trades without having security issues.

We have an experienced team of associate’s Labour lawyers in Dubai containing senior lawyers, junior lawyers, associates, and case managers. Our attorneys will serve you in the best possible way and provide you with comprehensive legal advice.

 Employee-to-Employee Contracts

There are 2 basic employment contracts such as

  • Limited Contract: The contract can be terminated with the mutual agreement of employers and their employees. But if your employees terminate the contract without your consent then you can sue them for breaching the labor contract.
  • Unlimited Contract: The contract can be terminated if the end date has reached and the contract is not renewed or if the employee and the company end it on mutual consent. However, if the employee terminates it without the consent of the company then you can sue them for violating your standards.

 When you should hire employment lawyers?

If you are an employee and you are facing any following issue contact an employment lawyers

  • If your employer has beleaguered you
  • if he has victimized you
  • if he is forcing you to sign a contract that you are not interested in
  • if he did not follow laws to protect their employees
  • if he did not give benefit to the employees they deserve

 When an employer should hire employment lawyers

If you are an employer and you are facing any following issue contact an employment lawyers

  • If you need a negotiator for cooperative bargaining
  • If your employee had sued you for refinement or persecution
  • If your employees had sued you for an employment issue
  • If your employees had sued you for terminating them or any other employment profit
  • If your employees had sued you for changing the pension plan

 Our Services

  • We offer an employment contract
  • We offer remedial procedures
  • We offer public sustenance
  • We offer business sessions
  • We offer legal services by our associate attorneys or advocates
  • We offer sustenance for our employees and provide them with useful information related to their rights
  • We offer an employment booklet

 Wrapping Up

Whether you are in Sharjah, Ajman, or any other city our associates Employment Lawyers in Dubai are always here to help you. We offer customized services within the UAE. Our associate lawyers have proper knowledge of the rules and regulations of all cities in emirates.

Book your appointment to avail of our services. For further probes communicate with our contact department.