How Property Clash Becomes Easier For You?

Getting a lawyer’s support for such queries that are related to property disputes can make the processes go faster and easier. If you are facing any problem with your tenancy contract, you better get the assistance of property advocates in Dubai in order to make things work for you fast.

What imperative documents are needed?

If we talk about filing the rental dispute, you must bring all along with some imperative documents including;

Ø  Original and photocopy of the passport

Ø  Visa

Ø  Emirates ID

Ø  Certificate of Ejari

Ø  Tenancy contract (original)

Ø  DEWA bills (recent)

Ø  Deposit slips of rent

Ø  Cheque copies issued to the landlord

Ø  Title deed

Ø  Text messages copy, emails, and the relevant piece of evidence regarding the dispute

Ø  Supporting documents if any

Significance of the above-mentioned documents

Having an Arabic copy of the documents would be better but if you don’t have your documents in the Arabic language, you have to get the certified translation of the documents. Getting certified translation might slow down the process. After you are done with all the paperwork, you have to head to the RDC. There the staff members will be at your service and assist you to fill out your complaint. You will have to pay the fees and you will also be asked some questions concerning the dispute for formally processing the case.

Note: You must make sure to keep a copy of every paper you present to the tenant. If you get into a dispute with them, then in that case, this will play a role in your favor.