How to Resolve Corporate Disputes in UAE

Business-to-Business and Business-to-Customer disputes are common in the global business hub. Therefore, the Business Protection Department (BPD) from the Department of Economic Development (DED) acts as a local commercial dispute-resolution authority

In case there is a consumer dispute then the matter is resolved with the assistance of the Commercial Control and Consumer Protection Department (CCCPD). If you do not understand how to resolve issues, then you can get assistance from commercial lawyers in Sharjah.

 The Jurisdiction of BPD

BPD assists Dubai courts in resolving commercial disputes. It helps people to resolve business-to-business disputes which occur due to issues in business license with a minimum capital of AED 200,000. Whereas, BPD cannot act as a mediator for international traders.

BPD is not responsible for resolving issues related to banking, real estate, insurance, labour, and banking disputes. This department holds mediation conferences in commercial disputes to assist business owners resolve the matter through amicable settlements.

 Filing Complaint about Commercial issues

The DED branch of CCCPD is responsible for entertaining complaints. Companies registered with DED can file their complaints manually, sending an email or calling the concerned department. They should pay a non-refundable fee for the proceeding of their matter.

BPD arbitrators arrange a meeting between disputed parties to seek resolution so that the concerns of both parties are met with mutual consent. Commercial lawyers in Dubai provide consultancy and support to people who want to resolve the issues through legal procedures.

 Judgments and Appeal Implications 

BPD follows a dispute resolution mechanism which is could be requested for change on legal grounds. They resolve the issues as per their expertise and familiarity with resolving the commercial issues. The ad hoc approach is employed in resolving such issues rather than the formal method.

The decision of BPD is the final statement that could not be appealed with the assistance of commercial lawyers in Dubai. However, if parties are not bound by the judgment than they can request any changes in the relevant courts.

 Department of Economic Development

In the emirate of Sharjah, the Department of Economic Development is the licensing authority undertaking commercial activities. Whereas, BPD s the sub-department which deals with suspending or blocking the license of companies who have registered with DED.

Moreover, they can also impose penalties is any of the party fails to attend the hearing according to the lawful policies. No adhering to the decisions of BPD also makes the company or any individual face legal allegations that damage their repute and cost the fine as well.


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