Legal Rights of Immigrants in Dubai

In our experience, we have recapitulated a few of the commonly used ploys that are used by husbands against their wives, while we have represented the wives.

1. Obtaining Loans

The first reflection running through husbands’ argument is how to lessen the financial judgment at the time of the separation is to endeavor to take loans, as well as credit cards, individual loans, mortgages, credit lines, car funding, etc.

2. Proclaim a lower income

Husbands commonly adopt this tactic to state lower income in order to not make settlement compensation to their wives in the event of a divorce. He can do this verbally by telling the court through his Dubai lawyers that his salary is a convinced amount, which in actuality is more. He can also do this by refusing to make available a salary permit showing his income.

3. Expenditure on other family members

This tactic consequence in the husband’s spending money for upholding other members of his family by conveying money to the other family members in the existence of a witness.

4. Try to nullify the jurisdiction

It is also not an unusual practice to try to cancel the wife’s residence visa in order to invalidate the jurisdiction of a UAE court to adjudicate on the divorce. This actually happens when the wife is subsidized by the husband and has filed the case against him. It is a prerequisite of a divorce that the claimant must be residents of the UAE and by canceling the wife’s visa, the husband tries to cancel the divorce on a technicality as the applicant is not a resident any longer.

5. Formulating a criminal case next to the wife

An effort by the husband to make a criminal case against the wife is the most horrible action that a husband can take with potentially dangerous penalties. In these cases, the husband unties a false criminal complaint besides the wife in order to force her to settle and try to get that benefit. Criminal proceedings are very severe offenses in the UAE with strict jail sentences and even expulsion.

6. Providing evidence concerning the wife’s income

The husband also tries to prove that the wife’s income is more than theirs and try to argue the actuality that they should not be prepared to pay any amounts towards the settlement. They also stipulate a settlement from the wife on the foundation of the wife’s high salary with the help of their divorce lawyer in Dubai.

Such claims never work as they are aligned with the principles of Shariah Law. Under Shariah Law, the husband is economically, fully responsible for the wife’s living and expenses and protection. This is regardless of the financial standing of the wife and her income. All the expenses carried out by the wife can be backdated to 3 years and if there is enough evidence of these expenses, the court always directs the husband to pay back the wife in full.