Know About Power of Attorney in the Qatar

A power of attorney for real estate and the property is a highly important document in the Qatar. It transfers legal rights to an agent or attorney in accessing and managing the property of the principal. Lawyers in Qatar can help you here with their explicit knowledge and credible experience.

Conditions for Power of Attorney

A limited power of attorney for real estate in Qatar takes effect during the date that is specified within the legal document. As for its end or expiry, it is when the power of attorney is revoked in writing. Additionally, the document is going to end in some circumstances automatically and that includes the conditions mentioned below.

·         Revocation

A power of attorney for property and real estate can be revoked at any time just as long as the principal. Or the person whose powers are assigned to a different person. Moreover, it can be done if the entity is of sound mind and capable of making a decision.

The principal is not of sound mind; a power of attorney has terminated automatically.

·         Divorce

Sometimes the spouse has been named by the power of attorney for the property as the agent or attorney and the married couple has undergone divorce proceedings. Then the authority of the spouse named as the agent will be terminated immediately. To make the revocation final, there should be documentation.

They are regarding the power of attorney for property revocation by lawyers in Qatar.  There is also a need to make a brand new limited power of attorney for property.

·         Lack of an Agent

A limited power of attorney can end automatically if the agent resigns, dies. It can also happen if one becomes incapable of representing you for a specific reason.

Therefore, if you want to avail of these services, you should hire lawyers in Qatar. They can let you know the situations in which it is applicable.