Property Contracts Infringement Cases in the UAE

A property contract is mandatory for protecting your interest. It contains essential terms and conditions for preceding any matter related to property. When an associated party fails to obey the agreement than a breach of contract occurs. At this phase, you need legal assistance from property lawyers in Dubai for preserving your affairs.

When does Breach of Property contract occurs?

Under following conditions breach of contract will be sustained by property lawyers in Dubai:

  • A valid contract under proper legal term is presented for claim
  • The party claiming for infringement of contract should give valid evidence against the defendant
  • Before going to court, the accuser should notify the defendant first. This written notice can be presented as proof in court later

Major causes for Violating Property Contract Terms

Violation of property contract occurs mainly due to the following reasons:

  1. Scam or Trick

In this case, the defendant misrepresents the material facts in the contract and accuses the party who has claimed breach of contract for not disclosing important information in the agreement.

  1. Undue influence

When the party under power force the other one to sign the contract

  1. Mistake:

If a defendant committed a mistake then the breach of contract is considered valid. But if in case the defendant proves that the mistake is by both the parties than the claim is invalidated.

  1. Time limitations

The breach of contract case can be canceled if the defendant proves that the deadline has passed. Otherwise, the claim for property breach cannot be invalidated

 Above all

Our associate property lawyers in Dubai are experts in dealing with infringement of contract. They have an adequate knowledge of legal term and condition that needs to be addressed in contracts. They will help you in writing a contract based on your interest. Moreover, they will also help you in claiming breach of agreements.

Our liable associate lawyers are here to resolve your property contract disputes in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and other cities of UAE. Once you handle your concerns to our associate lawyers, you need not worry. So, book your earlier consultation and avail of our services. For further information contact us directly at our official contact number.