Property Litigation Solicitors in UAE

Property laws are pretty robust in Dubai, and property lawyers of the U.A.E take it upon themselves to take matters related to property very seriously. They apply their legal rights in making a property secure. We lawyers in Dubai have the best property litigation solicitors, real estate litigation lawyers, and property lawyers in Dubai.

Real Estate Litigation Lawyer On the Watch

When a person shares a particular boundary with someone, maybe a wall or a fence, specific rules and regulations are applied not to violate those terms. The property lawyers usually set those terms in the U.A.E. Sometimes, such properties are shared among people, which is when real legal problems start occurring.

Property lawyers in UAE are in charge of transferring or maintaining a shared resource, and when the owner comes under question, it becomes a dispute. Usually, such decisions are taken in which both parties are responsible for taking care of the possession. Hire the best property lawyers in UAE.

This involves all the maintenance costs as well as the taxes that need to be paid timely. Property lawyers in UAE are responsible for making people aware of their responsibilities, and failure to fulfill them can result in a legal issue.

Property Litigation Solicitors Taking Care of Shared Partnerships

To avoid issues, it is imperative to know the shared partnership with the other person entirely. If a partner dies or chooses to withdraw from the property, all rights are automatically transferred to the other owner by the property lawyers in UAE.

These joint partnerships exist between husband and wife, and a will is usually considered void in such cases by the property lawyers in UAE.

There is another type of partnership that is regarded as general. The ownership is equally divided among the owners by the property lawyers in UAE.  Each of the partners, in this case, is free to sell or transfer or withdraw their share whenever they want.

Property Lawyers Making Comprehensive Deals

The first and foremost part of sealing any deal is understanding and being clear about the terms of the contract. Property lawyers in UAE wish for all estate dealing with running smoothly and avoiding the courtrooms.

More often than not, property ownership disputes end up in courtrooms and proceed to trials. Property lawyers in UAE try their best to keep the cases out of the courtrooms and limit them to their desks.

Real Estate Litigation Lawyer And Policies

After a real estate property has fallen under a new custodian, there are maintenance, repair, and rent renewal issues. Before the transaction has been completed, it is made sure by the property lawyers in U.A.E that both parties are on the same page.

The tenant is required to be extra careful with real estate dealings as the court doesn’t cater to any tenancy dispute without any valid tenancy contract or evidence. To avoid conflicts between the tenant and landlord, property lawyers in U.A.E take the following measures.

  • Renewal of Rent: The renewal amount should be applied after the stated duration, and the renter should be informed about it at least 90 days before by the landlord.
  • The tenant must verify that the applied rent complies with the rental policies of the state on residential or real estate properties.
  • Property Lawyers in UAE also make sure that if a decrease is to be made to the rental amount, it should be negotiated within the timeframe of the rental contract.

Usually, the landlords are responsible for carrying out structural maintenance of the property, and for the minor repair work, tenants are held accountable. Such terms should be made clear to both before coming into an agreement.

Another common dispute which the property lawyers in U.A.E come over the security deposit. It is often deposited without a return upon eviction mentioned on it. A full guarantee has to be made by the landlord when the property is evicted. If that is not the case, then the tenants have the right to file a lawsuit against them in court.

Summing Up | Property Litigation Solicitors

Property Lawyers in UAE are highly vigilant and adept at dealing with property-related issues. Under a property solicitor’s guidance, one can avoid lawsuits and courtroom litigations.