Pursuing the Uncollected Cheques in Dubai

There are payers who prefer the cheques instead of the actual payment as it gives them time to get some money in their bank accounts. However, they have this knowledge that the cheque is eventually going to bounce due to no money in the bank. Debt recovery Dubai agencies can help you out in such a scenario with their expertise and skills.

Ways to Collect Cheques

Below are some effective ways to collect bounced cheques in the UAE. You need to know them before you proceed to take any legal step. Moreover, it advised going for legal assistance before you take any step. 

  • Check on Funds

In case, you get a cheque that bounces, you need to immediately get it in the writing by the bank. You must ask them to write that the cheque was issued before the money got redeposited in the account. Moreover, you can ask for a legal assistant’s advice in case of any confusion. 

  • Get into Talking

If it is your first time with the bounced cheque, you must talk to the bank immediately yet politely. Instead of panicking, you can talk the matter out and know the reason. The bank then talks to the debtor and in return, the debtor has to face embarrassment as a consequence.

However, if the customer is not reachable through the phone, you don’t have to leave a message and take help from debt recovery Dubai agencies instead.


Hence, if you experience such a problem in your business, you must seek legal help. Debt recovery Dubai agencies can offer legal assistance throughout the UAE. They are available in Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.

They have credible expertise and vast expertise that can help you with all your legal matters. Moreover, they know how to be critical about your reputation as their client. They also take care of all the legal matters themselves.