Role of Planning in Debt Collection in Dubai

Collecting a debt seems impossible in UAE because of various barriers such as language, laws, and customs. Debt recovery Dubai agencies are playing a vital role in debt recovery. They are having a team of experienced people who recuperates your payment in the most efficient and cost-effective way by taking some lawful actions.

Role of Planning

Below are some ways by which debt collection companies can retrieve the unpaid invoices for you from the debtor through efficient planning.

  • Contacting the Debtor

The very first step that is taken by companies is to gather all the necessary information related to a debtor with the help of databases. These databases contain information related to the business debts. This information is highly accurate and up to date.

  • Civil Negotiations

A direct communication will be made possible between the creditor and the debtor by the debt collection Dubai agencies. This is done throughout the process so that they can take a favorable decision together to avoid legal proceedings. Retrieving the unpaid amount in an amicable way can help both the creditor and the company.

  • Judicial Proceedings

If in any case, debtor fails to collaborate in paying the outstanding amount than the pre-legal collection efforts will be made by the company. These are made in the form of sending legal notices to a debt payer after receiving the approval of the client. After that, court will issue a judgement and both the parties will have their chance.

It is to make an appeal related to the court decision to the court within 30 days.


The most effective way to recover the money from the debtor is to get yourself registered by debt collection Dubai agencies. They have a highly skilled staff having expertise and extensive knowledge in the debt collection procedures and legal ways related to it. They provide their services in Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah, and Abu Dhabi as well.