Strategies for debt recovery in Dubai

Nowadays, borrowing money is taking hype in the business world. It is also becoming difficult to recuperate the given amount back within a time limit. Debt recovery is a continuous process of finding a debtor to pay the money owed to a creditor.

There are so many Debt recovery Dubai agencies are available for your debt collection. These companies are controlled by the staff having extensive knowledge about the debts and the laws related to it.

These companies have different ways of dealing with the client and the debtor and provide guidance to them according to the situation. Moreover, Debt collection corporations provide their services in other states as well such as Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Ajman, etc.

Strategies made for debt recovery

There are few ways by which debt collection companies can recover your bad debts from the debtors.

  • Predict the reliability of both parties

Firstly, debt collection agencies try to find out the credibility of both debtor and the creditor. They can do this with the help of proper documentation and databases. Companies can ask the creditor to provide some proofs of the debt they have given to a person or a firm.

Secondly, they can contact the debtors via telephonic calls and field visits and ask them to pay the debt to the owner for enhancing the recovery process.

  • Propose a negotiable offer

Debt recovery Dubai corporations propose few conducts to the creditors to retrieve their money back. They also suggest limited ways to the debtors as well to make it easy for them to pay the outstanding dues.

These companies help debtors and creditors to talk through the situation and find out the suitable way for both the parties. If the debtor wants to pay back the debt in installments then the creditor needs to accept the terms to process things smoothly.

  • Selecting the legal way

At last, if the things won’t go the way the creditor and the debt recovery agencies want to, then they can file a case in the court against the debtor. The judgment will be passed by the court in context with the sensitivity of the matter. Both parties can make an appeal to the court on the solution given by the court within 30 days.


Debt recovery is a long and time taking process and it would be difficult for you to do it on your own. So, for the collection of bad debts, debt recovery Dubai agencies are playing a vital role. They have their own ways and tactics to recover your lost credit from the debtors.

Hence, the better approach taken by the companies is to retrieve the money is to negotiate with the debtor in a friendly way without involving in legal proceedings.