The Fair Labour Standards in Dubai

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Labour laws in the UAE make sure that the employees, whether private or government workers are treated well. Moreover, it ensures a safe work environment for the workers irrespective of their ranks. they are made to establish a good bond between the employer and their workers.

It is important to maintain fair and equal rights for all the workers working in a firm. The labour lawyers in Dubai are there to conduct the training for the employers to create a balanced environment for the workers. They are capable of teaching employers how to establish fair working standards for their employees.

Fair Labour Standards

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Below are some elements for establishing fair standards for the workers of a particular firm.

  • Regulation of Minimum Wage

Before the acceptance of the labour law, the employer was free to set the wage rate for the employees. However, after the establishment of these laws, the case didn’t remain the same. They are ought to regulate the minimum wage policy.

Under the labour law, the employer is supposed to give at least the minimum amount to their workers which are determined by the law. If the employers disagree with that, they go against the rule of law.

  • Overtime Compensation

At times, the company owners may ask their workers to work overtime. This case usually occurs if the company has to meet some urgent deadlines. Hence, the workers are then supposed to work more than the working hours.

It is important to note that the employer is bound to pay the employees extra money for overtime work. The labour lawyers in Dubai can assist the employers to set a criterion for overtime work payment. Typically, the money is decided as the one-and-one-half-times the employee’s regular rate of pay.

  • The Number of Hours

It is very important to determine the number of working hours for the workers. The working hours are set according to the payment and the tasks given to the worker. The task is not supposed to exceed the daily working hours.

To Conclude

Therefore, it is a necessity for a safe work environment to have fair labour standards. If these are not determined, the environment can be highly uncomfortable for the employees. The labour lawyers in Dubai can be hired in case the rights of employees are violated.