Dubai Lawyers for Advocate Labour Disputes

Nowadays, the UAE is providing the most job opportunities for international job seekers. Many foreigners come to Dubai to join good companies. However, the people who come from different backgrounds to Dubai, get a cultural shock at work. Some of them are even discriminated on their caste by the co-workers. The employers really don’t help the employees on such issues.

The employment lawyers are hired to resolve labour disputes. If the employee does not find the lawyer satisfactory, he can talk to other advocates in Dubai about his problem and then see what can be done.

The employer cannot terminate the employee without giving him notice. So, if a termination happens where the employee is not notified before, they should consider a lawyer for his case. The employment lawyers also draft the employment contracts for the companies, since, they know the labour laws more than the employer.

The advocates in Dubai are there to protect the rights of the labour and make sure that they are not exploited in any way.

The employment standard in the UAE is different from other places. The employer has to request the Ministry of Labour to get the employee’s visa so that you can work in the UAE, legally. The employment contract consists of many things. Basically, it is a formal job offer that is given to the employee before he can say final “yes” to the employer. Once, the contract is signed between the employer and the employee, then they both have to abide by the terms and conditions written in the contract.

Besides, the terms and conditions of the contract, the joining date is mentioned in the contract. Along with that, the nature of the job is discussed for safety and health laws. The job position is clearly mentioned in the contract, so there shall be no confusion about the designation.

Mainly two types of employment contracts are made, unlimited and limited. The unlimited employment contract can be terminated by an employer or the employee any time, whereas, the limited contract cannot be canceled out by the employer without giving a solid reason.