Functional Debt Recovery


At times, the process of debt collection and procedure do not even give to chasing bad debts. It is important to know how and when the action is to be taken for the recovery of bad debt.

There are different types of debt collection processes:

  • Legal actions against the debtors
  • Give and take
  • The collection department should send a written request for payment
  • The debt collectors should contact with the debtors through telephone calls, emails, fax, etc
  • Debt collection agency

Sometimes the creditors fail to deal with the issue of debt recovery, as they don’t have enough knowledge related to debt recovery, but still, there are some companies that deal with the matter of debt collection themselves with the debtors with the help of formal letters, fax, emails, telephone calls. As it is not an easy process, and it takes a lot of time to get a response from the debtor and the companies end up with the wastage of both time and money. Debt collection agencies are also helpful in debt collection Dubai.


There is a need to keep checking on the overdue accounts daily, and it is mandatory for each company. The creditors should contact with the debtor as early as possible, as it helps in addressing the issue of recovery with more efficiency. If the debt collectors conduct a meeting with the debtors, it will help to know about non-payment of them, and also helpful in developing a melodious relationship with them.