Effective Strategies for Professional Recruiters in the UAE

If you have evaluated your talent needs for the coming year, now is the time to start interviewing. Social distancing protocols recommend video teleconference interviews. While convenient, they can be time-consuming.

As we assist our global clients with resourcing, our recruiters are using.  Candidate focused strategies to present the most qualified candidates. The labour lawyers in Dubai are there for you with their expertise and help.

Some Strategies Professional Recruiters Are Using

Below are some strategies that professional recruiters are using in the UAE.

·         Keep the Candidate Engaged

Interviews can take four weeks or longer, depending on the number of staff you plan to recruit. One of the big mistakes that businesses can make, is waiting to engage a top tier candidate. For instance, if the candidate scored well on pre-assessments and in the first preliminary interview.

Your team may wait until you have interviewed twenty or more candidates. And it is also agonizing for the candidate, particularly if the counteroffer is from the existing employer. Then loyalty becomes a factor, and it is hard to compete with tenure.

·         Corporate Culture

The stressors of the pandemic have an impact on daily life. And that includes our general mood and behavior in the workplace. If a positive working environment suddenly becomes toxic or unpleasant.

The employer can expect the trifecta. Loss of productivity, animosity, and loss of talent. Labour lawyers in Dubai are the best choice in this regard for legal support.

·         Increasing Compensation Package

While businesses are hit hard by pandemic economics. the average household has been coping with uncertainty and possible financial adversity for months. When you have found the perfect fit and the innovative employee that you want to hire, be prepared to face counteroffers.

And, if the candidate is highly competitive, be ready to compete for them. They are worth the time and cost of acquisition.

·         Making Offers

While some companies may be cutting back on content marketing and social media, it can have a detrimental impact on recruitment. Assumptions about the financial instability of the business are easy to make when you see online branding efforts reduced. Remember, before a candidate accepts an invitation to interview.


Therefore, if you want to apply these points while recruiting, seek legal help. They are available all over the UAE for your legal support. Labour lawyers in Dubai provide their services in Ajman, Sharjah, and Fujairah.