Who Practices Labour Law?

Labour law is not only made for the benefit of the employee. Employers, employees, and the government all require employment law. Labour lawyers in Dubai work as in-house counsel, in private law firms, and for the government.

Stages that Rely On Labour law

Below are the stages that rely on employment by various ways.

·         Employers

Employers rely on employment law to help them comply with the rule of law that they must follow. Moreover, it is important to lawfully form and terminate employment relationships. Relying on employment law can help employers save time and money.

Also, the employers make sure that they treat their employees fairly under the law. In-house attorneys might practice employment law as part of a wider practice that meets their company’s range of legal needs.

·         Employees

Employees rely on employment law to help them when employers don’t comply with the law. Moreover, an employee needs to enforce mandatory overtime pay or bring a claim for age discrimination. At this stage, they may turn to an labour lawyers in Dubai. Unions rely on employment law in collective bargaining negotiations.

·         Employee-Employer Relationship

Both employers and employees might rely on an employment lawyer to draft and negotiate a contract of employment. Each side can have their attorney to represent them and negotiate in their interest. Employment lawyers can also work as contract lawyers when they are hired to help employers and employees negotiate contracts.

·         Government

Employment lawyers also work for the government. They might work for one of the government agencies that drafts and recommends employment laws to the President and Congress. These agencies analyze employment data and even enforce employment laws.

If they work for the government, they may work in drafting. Moreover, they can bring violations on behalf of the government or might serve as an administrative hearing officer.

Final Remarks

Therefore, the employment law is not only confined to the employees. This law is also utilized by employers as well as the government. employment law is important in maintaining a stable relationship between the employer and the employee. Moreover, it makes sure that both employees and employers work under the rule of law set by the government.

The labour lawyers in Dubai can be hired for a legal assistant in these cases by any of the above-mentioned stages. Their services are available in all the states of the UAE including Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, etc.