The Growing Clientele of Lawyers: Myths and Realities

Law firms in Dubai are very well known around the globe due to their professional dealings in matters related to real estate and have un match-able competence in this sector. They possess their extensive experience in all aspects which are related to real estate such as from the purchasing of land to the attainment of any real estate to a high return on the investments. They work through negotiations whether they are through amicable means or through legal proceedings.

Dubai lawyers offer their support in the different process or legal proceedings. But however, different questions may arise in the mind of a client such as whether his legal services will yield an instant result smoothly for him or not. Dubai regulatory agency and Dubai international arbitration center have a great impact they influenced and contributed greatly towards the resolution of a dispute between parties first through the arbitration process. When two parties signed the contract, they may enter the clause regarding arbitration in their agreement. In case this clause in present in the contract than the parties on having a dispute shall not take their case directly to the court for legal proceedings, in fact, they should communicate with each other without any delay regarding this matter in a written communication which shall present the consent of both the parties under the contract.

However, the law has granted the permission to revoke the legal proceedings in the event that the other party is not obeying in accordance with the arbitration clause mentioned in the contract. Also, the government provides proper guidance in this regard that both the parties must remain conscious regarding the addition of arbitration clause in the contract. A legal consultant can play a vital role in this matter. Law firms are good at providing counseling regarding arbitration clause to organizations to look for the most appropriate formulation of this clause.

In all legal matters, arbitration is considered more by any organization or individual encountering any legal issue as it is more cost effective and less time-consuming. It does not consume much time, two months to reach a decision in arbitration whereas litigation is spread over many years to reach a conclusion and hence is expensive