What is the Process of Divorce in Dubai

What is the Divorce Process in Dubai?

The recent statistic reports have shown a higher number of divorce cases in the United Arab Emirates. The divorces among international couples residing in Dubai cover two-third of the annual divorce rate. Out of four marriages in Dubai, one leads to separation and ultimately divorce.

The increased divorce rate of Dubai is due to the communication gap, social media, financial instability, unemployment, social differences, and multiple expected situations. Managing family disputes is not easy unless you seek legal advice from divorce lawyers in Dubai


How to File a Divorce Case in Dubai?

Getting separated is not a legal solution to marital issues. Divorce is the official process devised for couples to live happily in their individual lives without disturbing each other anymore. Family lawyers Dubai advise couples for practical and a lawful route for their divorce process.

Non-Muslim residents of Dubai should also file a divorce case in their home country before applying for one in Dubai. Whereas, Muslim couples are bound by Sharia, Federal, and civil laws. To know what is the legal process for filing a divorce case in UAE courts, go through the below steps:

  1. Hire a licensed family lawyer in Dubai
  2. A register divorce case in the Family Section of Local Judicial Department
  3. A mediator is provided by the court to convince them not to get divorced
  4. If conciliator fails, a referral letter is issued to initiate legal separation
  5. The letter must be submitted to the court within 3 months
  6. Parties support their divorce claims in court with evidence
  7. Child custody, property division, and other matters are addressed
  8. Husband and wife sign on an agreement about divorce consequences

After hearing the claims of both parties, the judges finalize the decision upon all the matters where husband and wife were connected. It is the case outcome which both parties must abide by. The timespan of divorce proceedings depends upon the nature of the case. Divorce lawyers Dubai are support clients from start to end in divorce cases.